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Mars Hill Review ceased publication September 2005. To order back issues, click here.

PO Box 10506
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-0506

Founder / Publisher:      

Kim Hutchins
Editor:Sarah Koops Vanderveen
Founding Editor:Liam Atchison
Managing Editor:David Vanderveen
Literary Editor:Jill Lamar
Poetry Editor:Marlene Muller
Music Editor:Dave Urbanski
Film Editor:Craig Detweiler
Copy Editor:Lois Swagerty
Business Manager:Michelle Hutchins
Subscription Fulfillment:       Ashley Wade

The mission of Mars Hill Review is to reveal Christ in the various texts of our contemporary culture. To this end, we commission full length essays from provocative thinkers, conduct in-depth studies of issues having theological import and obtain interviews with leading-edge writers, teachers and artists. The journal also publishes original fiction, nonfiction, poetry and critical reviews of film, books and music and other texts that remind us of God and of his participation within the stories of our contemporary lives.

Founded in 1993, we publish three times per year. Each issue is approximately 200 pages in length. We offer our readers both an education for the mind (in the Essays, Studies and Interviews sections) and an experience for the soul (in our Reminders of God offerings).

Mars Hill Review is featured in the Literary and Poetry section of more than 300 general trade bookstores nationwide and in Canada (Barnes and Noble, B. Dalton) as well as many independent stores and newsstands.

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Unsolicited Submissions: We are currently accepting essays, studies, poetry, fiction, and reviews. We pay for solicited material only. For essays and studies, please provide a two to three sentence abstract. If you have an idea for a longer article (3000-5000 words -- we don't run pieces longer than 5000 words), please submit a synopsis, and we will let you know how to proceed. For all items other than poetry, please also include file on a diskette, preferably in Word format. Submissions should be written in a clear, journalistic style accessible to the general public. Deadlines for issues are as follows: Winter/Spring, October 1; Summer, February 1; Fall, June 1. Response time to unsolicited manuscripts and queries is ten to twelve weeks. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We are unable to return manuscript submissions. Send submissions to: Mars Hill Review, Editorial Department, PO Box 10506, Bainbridge Island WA 98110-0506.
Visual Submissions: We are seeking to build a reference file of art to illustrate and complement our feature articles. Please feel free to submit pieces to us. Artwork cannot be returned unless the submission is accompanied by a self-addressed envelope or package with full postage cost enclosed.

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