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No. 5


E s s a y s

Pitched at the Brink
A Meditation on Wilderness, Poetry, and the Sacred
Doug Thorpe

When the author heard wolves howling during a camping trip in the mountains, he was reminded, mysteriously, of his daughter and a dying friend. What is it about the wild, the incomprehensible, the imminence of death, that floods us with such a sense of splendor our souls begin to dance?

The Three Languages of Mentoring
Saul, Jonathan, and David-Which Will I Be?
Don Hudson

In an age dominated by broken families, more and more people are turning to wise elders to find the father or mother they never knew. As such, mentors can be an instrument to repair the ruins of immense personal loss. Moreover, Don Hudson contends, they can be a powerful means of revealing the fatherhood and motherhood of God to a generation of spiritual orphans.


Mimicking Our Disruptive Father and Our Diverse Older Brother
Learning Prophetic Disruption, Priestly Connection, and Kingly Service
Dan Allender

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it is not a commendable attribute in a world that glories in originality. Yet the fact remains that we grow immensely by trying on the manners and perspectives of those we admire. We may find a healthy balance, the author argues, in mimicking a good mentor-one who teaches us not to become like him, but who, in teaching us wisely, makes us a better image of Jesus Christ.

A Fool and a Prophet
Using Wit as a Vehicle for "Truthing in Love"
Will Laughlin

The use of wit as a tool for truth is a skill that every friend ought to possess. King Lear's fool knew this, as did the biblical prophet Nathan, who confronted King David. Will Laughlin finds there is much to be learned from these two wily truth-tellers about "truthing in love."

The Mars Hill Interview

A Baptism of Imagination
A Conversation with Peter Kreeft

Ellen Haroutunian

The Boston College prof is well-known in academic circles for his intriguing studies on the philosophies of Blaise Pascal and Thomas Aquinas. But he is best known among evangelicals for his work in apologetics, using imaginative, dramatic dialogues between personalities as diverse as John F. Kennedy, Aldous Huxley, and C.S. Lewis to illustrate differing worldviews. In this interview, you'll meet the lively Catholic mind behind a forthcoming novel on "fat Jewish-mother substitutes [speaking] on the post-abortion trauma of Orthodox Jewish girlfriends of philosophical Muslim surfers in Boston in 1978."

Reminders of God

The Writing Life


Leif Peterson

"Out at the Place"
Caroline Langston


"A Tribute to a Gentle Man"
Daniel Taylor

Aram Haroutunian

"Within a Weary Land: The Literature of My Childhood"
Sanne McCarthy

"Killing the Snake: Foiling the Birds"
John Leax


"Star Seed Sand"
Mark Miller

Gladys Drew

"Children of Bereavement"
Ruth Goring

"Resurrection: Rocky York Islet, August 8"
Luci Shaw

"Possess Your Soul in Patience"
Luci Shaw

"First Books"
Paul Willis

"The Word-Hoarde"
Heidi Aronson

"For Dick Thorson, A Fine and Steady Man"
Carolyn Jensen

"She Looked Back"
Sharon Hersh

Views and Reviews

Interview: Terry Taylor
Devlin Donaldson

Patty Cabrera, Always & Forever
Dave Urbanski

The Choir, Free Flying Soul
Dave Urbanski

Sting, Mercury Falling
Devlin Donaldson

Howard Jones, Live Acoustic America
Devlin Donaldson

Music Also Reviewed
Devlin Donaldson


Profile: Kazuo Ishiguro
Barbara Ohno

The Alienist, Caleb Carr
Bruce Ramsay

A Lesson Before Dying, Ernest J. Gaines
Heather Webb

Books Also Reviewed
Dudley J. Delffs


Mr. Holland's Opus
Bill Bolthouse

Anne Frank Remembered
Judith Terry McCune

Man Facing Southeast
Will Laughlin

Films Also Reviewed
Compiled by Laura Wackman

Timeless graffiti from the broad canvas.

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