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No. 4


E s s a y s

What Is Wrong with Us?
The Question at the Heart of the Counseling Debate
Dan Allender

The chorus of voices is unanimous: Something is very definitely the matter with human beings. Yet, what is the core of our dilemma? Is it psychological or spiritual? Only when we view our failures in the biblical context of faith, hope, and love can we begin to rightly address our fundamental flaws.

Midlife Light
Two Ideas in an Appeal for Community
Larry Crabb

Decades of complex experiences can have the effect of bringing us full circle to the simple truths of earlier years. And truths that endure often bring great clarity. Here, two such life-truths receive examination from an experienced eye.


Faithful Wounds of an Enemy
Nietzsche's "Death of God" Invective
Liam Atchison

Were Friedrich Nietzsche's towering intellectual works the achievements of a madman or one of Christianity's best friends? Or-dare we suggest it-both? A look at the philosopher's most pointed criticisms of the church reveals some surprising answers.

The Art of True Inquiry
A Profile of Roger Feldman
Karen L. Mulder

Art that engages the entire sensory process approaches the experience of life itself-and therefore might just reveal a few of life's mysteries. Roger Feldman, one of the acclaimed group of "California perceptualists," puts the reality back into a generation drifting toward virtual life.

The Mars Hill Interview

A Conversation with Madeleine L'Engle
Heather Webb

Not many people were listening when Madeleine L'Engle was convinced she was onto something with her children's story. Her manuscript, considered too strange and difficult for kids, was turned down by every major publisher-and that was after L'Engle had already seen seven of her books in print. A Wrinkle in Time eventually won the prestigious Newbery Medal and has indelibly touched the imaginations of three generations of children and adults. So, is there anything to be learned from this woman with the "strange" ideas? The unabashed author holds forth here on unicorns, unity, and the end of physics.

Reminders of God

The Writing Life


Carolyn Jensen

"Kidney and Bullet Holes"
Leif Peterson

Joy Sawyer


Nancy Cobble

"Good Friday and Rising"
Barbara Seaman

"The Fall"
Alison Gresik

"Communion Sunday"
Alison Gresik

Heidi Aronson

Derrel E. Emmerson

"The Quickening"
Valerie Holtgeerts

Views and Reviews


Interview: David Wilcox
Kirk Webb

Reviews: Queen, Made in Heaven
Devlin Donaldson

Emmylou Harris, Wrecking Ball
Devlin Donaldson

Gary Chapman, Shelter
Dave Urbanski

Music Also Recommended
Devlin Donaldson


Interview: Dan Wakefield
Scott & Joy Sawyer

Interview: Tim O'Brien
Scott Sawyer

How to Write: Advice and Reflections, Richard Rhodes.
Laura Wackman
Dakota: A Spiritual Geography, Kathleen Norris.
Anthony Vartuli
Soul: An Archaeology, Edited by Phil Cousineau.
Ken Wilson

Books Also Recommended
Dudley J. Delffs


Profile: Andrei Tarkovsky
Stuart C. Hancock

Reviews: The Brothers McMullen
Bill Bolthouse

Eat Drink Man Woman
Will Laughlin

Aram Haroutunian

Dead Man Walking
Judith Terry McCune

Films Also Recommended
Compiled by Laura Wackman

Timeless graffiti from the broad canvas.

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