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No. 25


Publisher's Letter


A Lovely Reassembling
Mary M. Brown
"Though I won't pretend to understand what it must be like to face the reality of a missing or a murdered child or family member," writes Mary M. Brown, "I know a little about what it's like to have someone suddenly vanish and to be haunted by her absence and by the questions that absence raises."

A New Practice: Sabbath Keeping
Jill Lamar
People of faith have differing ideas about what God meant by the fourth commandment. Jill Lamar writes about her unorthodox approach to observing the Sabbath and the peace, rest, and joy it brings.


Maritain's Signposts toward an Artist's Vocation
J. Greg Phelan
While clergy, missionaries, and those in caregiving professions can freely talk about a calling from God, it often sounds presumptuous when an artist does the same. But faith is essential to the artistic vocation, explains J. Greg Phelan. Here, he demonstrates how Jacques Maritain left "signposts toward an artist's vocation" that have inspired many.

Journey to Vocation: The Way Up Is the Way Down
Todd Pickett

The Mars Hill Interview

Vocation and the View from the Back of the Tapestry:
A Conversation with Leif Enger
with Dennis Vogt and Marit Kreuger
Leif Enger, author of the best-selling novel Peace Like a River, talks about his journey from journalist to novelist and his relief at no longer feeling like an imposter in his profession. Enger speaks about the writer's craft and of what makes for good fiction.

Reminders of God

The Writing Life


Last Judgment
Michael Kula

The Last Time I Saw Martha
Stephen G. Bloom

Butter and Eggs
Bill Bolthouse

The Angel with the Broken Face
Marly Youmans


Death Enters the Wilderness Singing
Doug Thorpe


From a Broken Rock
John Terpstra

Lynn Martin

The Politics of Potential
Linda Malnack

Market Street: San Francisco
Paul Lacey

Sun Balancing Dark
Susanna Childress

Of Things Unseen
Julie L. Moore

Michael S. Glaser

Susan B. Cowger

Jeanne Minahan

Views and Reviews


Why Christian Music Must Die
Dave Urbanski


Sufjan Stevens
Rich Campbell

John Davis
Andy Whitman



Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood, Koren Zailckas
Sheri Holman



What Would the Lone Ranger Do? "The Office" and Human Desperation
Barry Taylor

Wes Anderson's Aquarium: The Life Aquatic
Craig Detweiler

What to Do with the Time That Is Given: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Eric David


Bonhoeffer in Hollywood's Courtroom
Monica Ganas

The Editors

Mars Hill Contributors