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No. 23


Editor's Note

On Community


The Surreal McCoys: A Search for Authenticity
Dale Keller
What does it mean to be authentic? In this essay, Dale Keller seeks to define personal authenticity and finds himself confronted by "the severe mercy of Godıs perfect mirror."

My Pentecostalism: Wrestling the Good out of Ghosts
Sonya Chung Miyamura
Like the African slaves of American history, Korea's first Christians, who suffered greatly under repeated invasions and occupation, found the message of the Gospel good news indeed. Here, the author reflects on her family's legacy of faith and her experiences in the black pentecostal church.

Heaven and Harvard: Can Your Children's Education Prepare Them for Both?
Darla Romfo
"Reason is the path to faith. And the development of intelligence should lead to curiosity, and hopefully, to the search for truth," says Darla Romfo. Here, she warns parents of pitfalls to avoid as they seek to shape the hearts and minds of their children.


Tearing Down the Wall: Reconnecting Artist and Community
Bruce Ellis Benson
We have arrived at "a curious situation in which artists are at once deified and marginalized," states the author of this study. He suggests that we rethink our conception of art and its purposes, as well as the role of artists in our communities.

My Mentors the Monsters
Bodie Weiss
In the classic horror genre, as in real life, we find mystery, agony, and beauty, states the author. This study examines why monsters both repel and fascinate us, and the ways in which this misunderstood genre can reveal God's grace and truth.

The Mars Hill Interview

Poetry of Witness and Faith
A Conversation with Carolyn Forché
Katherine Towler and Ilya Kaminsky
Poet and human rights activist Carolyn Forché talks about her travels to war zones around the world, from El Salvador in the 1980s to Soweto in the final days of apartheid. She describes finding her calling as a writer and a sense of community in these places she describes as "full of horror, but also full of light."

Reminders of God

The Writing Life


Made out of Dust
Mary Chapman Webster


Another Dimension
Kathryn Curio

Four Women Laughing
John H. Timmerman

The Reconstruction of a Prairie and a Faith
Cindy Crosby


Dead of Winter
Jennifer Lisa Ashley

Valerie Trueblood

Hannah and Elkanah
Carl Knickerbocker

Gardening This Eden
Mark Stevick

Your Grandfather's Grave
Amy McCann

After the Time Change
Brian G. Phipps

Views and Reviews


Pop-Punk Overexposed:
Searching for Meaning Behind the Veneer
Louis R. Carlozo

Be Thou My Vision:
Intersections of Christianity and Celtic Music
D. S. Martin

Garage Rock Revisited:
Raw(er) Power for a Torn and Frayed Generation
Dave Urbanski



Mudhouse Sabbath: A Personal Response
Michele A. Clark


American Jesus, Stephen Prothero
Bill McGarvey

The Progress Paradox, Gregg Easterbrook
Gordon Pennington III



Jack's Broken Heart in Repair:
Isolation and Connection in Three Films
Emily Gee


Lost (and Found) in Translation
Craig Detweiler

The Editors

Mars Hill Contributors