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No. 2


E s s a y s

Remembering That We Forget
Dan Allender

"We forget details, appointments, and keys, but all these pale in comparison to the amnesia of self in which we forget who we are." So writes Dan Allender as he probes the significance, and subjectivity, of the function of memory. With neurological and biblical support, he concludes that we must never forget our susceptibility to forgetting God.

Searchable Riches
Larry Crabb

In a modern society that values immanence over transcendence, how can we restore balance? How can we honor God, not for His manageability and our convenience, but for His holiness and goodness? Larry Crabb explores why we often favor immanence over transcendence and how we can seek to move toward a more complete, compelling relationship with our Father.


"On Earth As It Is In Heaven":
Is Art Necessary for the Christian?
Don Hudson

What role should art play in the life of Christians? Where do we draw boundaries? How do we even define true art, and its purpose, in the first place? Don Hudson asserts that contemporary Christians often shun art out of misplaced fear rather than embrace it as a vehicle to God's transcendence.

Marcel As Counselor:
Four Ideas Toward Other-Centered Repentance
Liam Atchison

French philosopher and writer Gabriel Marcel counters the resigned fatalism of existentialism with the essence of the Gospel: we do not belong to ourselves. Liam Atchison discusses Marcel's principles in light of our self-absorbed society's narcissistic focus on recovery.

The Unfundamental C. S. Lewis:
Key Components of Lewis's View of Scripture
Duncan Sprague

Perhaps no other single author has been as widely embraced by such divergent groups and denominations as C.S. Lewis. In this well-researched study, Duncan Sprague identifies Lewis's scriptural view and defines the way Lewis embraces a liberal view of Scripture while distancing himself from a Fundamentalist view of the Bible.

The Mars Hill Interview

A Conversation with Mike Yaconelli

Michael Cusick dialogues with one of our most refreshingly honest, eclectic, and paradoxical Christian thinkers.

Reminders of God

The Writing Life

"Deconstruct This."
In a rich, simple and densely packed short story, Daniel Taylor, author of The Myth of Certainty, renders a powerful confrontation between a struggling writer and a professor lecturing on literary theory.

"Perfect" by Katie Burke.
This short story places the reader as the main char- acter in a unique narrative chronicling the breakdown of a "perfect" marriage.

"A Dialogue with Luci Shaw,"
Interrviewed by Stephanie Kirtland.
In a candid and insightful dialogue, Luci Shaw, one of our foremost poets, discusses everything from the role of the arts to the transcendent, poetic power of asparagus.


"Imagebearer," Al Andrews.

"Fire Eater," MaryLynne Wrye.

"Morning Glory," Jake Forrester.

"Red Bird of Hope," by Peggy Yusko. 123



Mike Atkinson reviews two new albums by two divergent Michaels: Michael Card's new album Poiéma and Michael Roe's new Safe as Milk.

Devlin Donaldson provides three glimpses into the contemporary music scene -- Sheryl Crow's Tuesday Night Music Club, Hootie & the Blowfish's Cracked Rear View, and Collective Soul's Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid.

Brent Short reviews Joni Mitchell's new CD Turbulent Indigo.


Lee Scruggs reviews Stand Before Your God and discovers that there's much more to boarding school life than academics and British stoicism: telling our stories with integrity attractively leads us back to God.

Harvey Thurmer explores Frederick Buechner's Son of Laughter and uncovers the Jacob in all of us.

Ken Wilson examines the personal and theological value in Mark As Story.

The editorial staff present some of their favorite books.


In an insightful comparison, reviewer Bill Bolthouse makes a strong case for the evangelical potential in Natural Born Killers and Pulp Fiction.

Nita Andrews examines the French film Blue and its unique portrayal of one woman's life-shattering depression within the context of Kieslowski's remarkable film trilogy, Blue, White, and Red.

Scott Sawyer interviews Peter Gilbert, one of the producers and director of photography of the hit movie, Hoop Dreams.

A collection of blurbs, sentences and paragraphs from various remarkable thinkers.

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