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No. 18



Thom Mannarino
Christians are not immune from the siren song of celebrity. We want our heroes not only to represent the faith but to put us in the best possible lightčin short, to massage our egos. In this essay, an attempt to wrestle a confession of faith from a famous writer leaves the author feeling dispossessed.

The Ghost in the (Music) Machine
James A. Sparrell
The critic can survey the landscape of music with wit and breadth, but can he feel it with soul-stirring depth? James Sparrell, in a collection of musings and anecdotes, recounts some experiences that led to a deeper understanding of the power of music as a background to, and interpreter of, the times.

A Gift from Mexico
Mary Blye Howe
When we think of Mexico, the images that come to mind often have more to do with poverty and illegal substances than of joy and beauty. In a trip to Oaxaca, the author finds deprivation, but finds much moreča kind of serene gratitude among the Mexican people that leads to the author's own spiritual transformation.


The Death of the Book
S. David Mash
Rumors of the demise of printed matter have been wildly exaggerated. In the 1980s, pundits predicted that books would be replaced by computer screens, digital media, even "book-reading robots." In this study, the author examines the e-books phenomenon, seeking a synergy between electronic and traditional publishing.

Looking Our Hearts in the Face
Love's Scrutiny and the Problem of Integrity in the Works of Dorothy Sayers
Kimberly Moore-Jumonville
By the time Dorothy Sayers came along, one of the chief problems of modern life--the divide between the preoccupations of love and work--was already in place. Kimberly Moore-Jumonville reveals this divide as the hidden tension in Sayers's writing, and provides a key to the understanding of this great author's work.

God in My Mouth
On Finding Meaning in Translation
Patty Kirk
There is something elusive and almost magical about hearing the words of Christ spoken in his native tongue, Aramaic. This analysis of various original-language passages in the Bible provides connections between words and meaning that question some of the doctrinal agendas present in many present-day interpretations.

The Mars Hill Interview

Continuing the Journey
A Conversation with David Tomlinson
Heather Webb
For several years, there has been a revolution in Evangelical biblical scholarship, based upon a questioning of the traditional divisions between sects and a desire to reveal Christianity's ongoing resonance in the present culture. In this revealing conversation, David Tomlinson, a leader of the British House Church movement and now an Anglican priest, challenges the church to look beyond old definitions and to constructively engage in the larger culture.

Reminders of God

The Writing Life


Friday Night in Kizmack
Carrie Sherman


On Another Road
Pilgrimage to Fatima
Charles Edward Brooks


Scott Schuleit

Heather Weber

February Elegy for Al
Ann Lauinger

As I Have Taught You
Linda Carter Brown

The Little Learning
Clifford Paul Fetters

Linda Malnack

Views and Reviews

Essay: Beatles or Stones?
Caroline Langston


The Complete Original Sun Singles
Dave Urbanski

Love God Murder
Dave Urbanski

American III: Solitary Man, Johnny Cash
Dave Urbanski

All That You Can't Leave Behind, U2
D. S. Martin

Transcendental Blues, Steve Earle
Andrew Lee

Music Also Reviewed
James A. Sparrell



Rare Earth: Why Complex Life Is Uncommon in the Universe, Peter D. Ward and Donald Brownlee
James Vescovi

Plainsong, Kent Haruf
Kate Forristall

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Biography, Eberhard Bethge
Tom Fredrick

Books Also Reviewed
Sheryl Cornett



Noble in Deed
Jousters, Jesters, and Genes
Bryan Null


Almost Famous
Bryan Null

The Talented Mr. Ripley
Apricot Anderson

The Grinch
Joan Zwagerman Curbow

Films Also Reviewed
Scott Emmert and Joey Earl Horstman

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