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No. 15



A Book of Hours
Gina Bria
It is the dawn of a new millennium, and the world seems to be spinning faster and faster: we are frequently overwhelmed by the myriad appointments, duties, and chores that life demands. This essay reflects upon the traditional eight "moments" of contemplation during the daily life of medieval religious orders, and how we might return to them as touchstones of sanity and recollection.

The Gift of the Black Muse
How the Harlem Renaissance Changed the Century
Jo Kadlecek
In the 1920s, Harlem was the cultural and spiritual heart of New York City. Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Langston Hughes, and Zora Neale Hurston -- among the greatest artists America has yet produced -- all lived within a few blocks of one another. The writer, a resident of Harlem, describes the vitality of those times, when, as one saying went, "I'd rather be a lamppost in Harlem than Governor of Georgia."

A Counterrevolution
Rebecca Spencer McCurdy
In the world of corporate healthcare and HMOs the quality of life of the terminal patient has generally been lost in the shuffle. A primary tenet of hospice is that life is precious, regardless of how much or how little of it remains. This essay, a poignant account of a hospice worker and gifted writer, brings death out of the clinical realm and back into the heart of the family.

Last Night
A Meditation on Invisible Man
Caroline Langston
Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, considered by many to be the book of the 20th Century, has had a profound impact upon American thought. In Caroline Langston's thoughtful essay, the protagonist in Ellison's "quintessentially urban novel" is found to be wrought with the same terrors and longings that have informed race relations throughout our history.


Honey, I Woke Up in a Different Universe!
Confessions of a Postmodern Pastor
Brian McLaren

In the past few decades, there has been a subtle but very real shift in the way society has viewed truth. We have -- especially those under age thirty -- begun to think less in terms of a secular/scientific universe, and more in terms of a spiritual/aesthetic universe. Noted author and lecturer Brian McLaren discusses the split between Enlightenment objectivity and postmodern inter-subjectivity in our approaches to the Bible.

Love Language Lost
Martin Heidegger and the Fall of Language
Don Hudson

Heidegger's main preoccupations were language and being. He taught that the text does not merely stand over us and provide all of the answers, but rather provides a living discourse which constantly evolves into deeper levels of interaction. This study outlines the history of "the triumph and tragedy of language," from the Greeks through Heidegger.

Remembering the Bomb
Hiroshima, Enola Gay, and the Culture Wars
Harold K. Bush, Jr.

John Hersey's 1946 book, Hiroshima, began the American public's long period of reappraisal of the use of the atomic bomb in World War II. This study analyzes opinions about the bomb during and after the war, culminating in accounts of the Smithsonian's Enola Gay exhibition in 1995.

The Mars Hill Interview

Technology and the Search for Meaning
A Conversation with Sven Birkerts
Katherine Kellogg Towler and Stuart C. Hancock

In The Gutenberg Elegies, essayist Sven Birkerts detailed the ways in which technology and mass media have led us to a divided reality. Our "buried life" -- the life of the soul and the mind -- has often been supplanted by mere functionality. In this engaging conversation, Birkerts discusses some of the fundamental questions of existence, and the possibility of living with a deeper awareness of our surroundings.

Reminders of God

The Writing Life


Age, Signs, and Wonders
Christine van Belle


Beth Passaro


Elaine Sexton

Where Do We Start
Hildred Crill

Mother and Son
Jennifer Wallace

For Love of Logic
Erin Elizabeth Tremblay

The Junior Choir at Wake Chapel
Lenard D. Moore

The Women of Piney Green
Lenard D. Moore

Views and Reviews

Essay: "If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day"
The Conflicted Soul of Robert Johnson
Dave Urbanski


Trad Arr Jones, John Wesley Harding
James Sparrell

The Fragile, Nine Inch Nails
Dave Urbanski

Music Also Reviewed
James Sparrell



Attending Virginia Woolf
Lessons for the Church from a Writer's Life and Work
Sheryl Cornett

Much Ado about Harry
J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter Series
Michael Wenberg


Juneteenth, Ralph Ellison
David W. Frauenfelder

Rose's Garden, and Lamb in Love, Carrie Brown
Sheryl Cornett

Race Manners: Navigating the Minefield between Black and White Americans, Bruce A. Jacobs
David W. Frauenfelder

Books Also Reviewed
Sheryl Cornett



Kubrick & Eye
Barrett Fisher

Love in the Ruins
Redemption and Relationship in Kieslowski's Three Colours trilogy and Sverak's Kolya
Rachel Hostetter Smith

Films Also Reviewed
Scott Emmert and Joey Earl Horstman

Timeless graffiti from the broad canvas.
Compiled by James Vescovi and Stuart C. Hancock

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