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No. 12


Essays and Studies

The Dance of Truth
The Editors
Presenting the Gospel in a Postmodern World

The Dance of Truth
Don Hudson
Postmodernism and the Evangelical

Reading the Bible Postmodernly
Tremper Longman III
Reading the Bible Postmodernly

Thunder at the Torrent
Carl Raschke
A Postmodern Theological Reading of the Book of Judges

Hearing the Voice of the Other
Heather Webb

Leadership in a Postmodern World
Denny Gunderson

All Beginnings are Hard
Tim Muehlhoff
Racial Reconciliation and Postmodern Epistemology

Power, Knowledge, and the Hermeneutics of Selfhood
Steven J. Sandage
Postmodern Wisdom for Christian Therapists

Let Be Be Finale of Seem
Randall Smith
Postmodern Postings on the Christian Condition

Speaking to Be Heard
Michelle Cuthbertson
French Surrealism, Paul Eluard, and Postmodern Discourse

Jean-Luc Marion and the Possibility of a Postmodern
J.A. Hanson

Reminders of God

The Writing Life


Sonya Chung Miyamura

The Christmas Troll
Eugene H. Peterson


“Quid Pro Quo”
Paul Mariani

Paul Willis

Mary Cornish

“Dead Saints”
James Zingarelli

“Adam and Eve”
Daniel Plate

“Not Writing”
Kate Knapp Johnson

“The Master Diaries”
Bryan D. Dietrich

Views and Reviews

Reviews: Imagination, Brian Wilson
Douglas Thorpe

Turning Point, David Wilcox
Douglas Thorpe

Music Also Reviewed
Douglas Thorpe



The Art of Family: Rituals, Imagination, and Everyday Spirituality, Gina Bria
David W. Frauenfelder

The Vision of the Fool and Other Writings, Cecil Collins
Joseph A. Gomez

Sculpting in Time: Reflections on the Cinema, Andrey Tarkovsky
David W. Frauenfelder

Who Killed Homer?, Hanson and Heath
David W. Frauenfelder

Books Also Reviewed
Sheryl Cornett


Essay: The Soldier and the “Saint”
Sheryl Cornett

Reviews: New Waves of Courage
Scott Sawyer

Films Also Reviewed
Sheryl Cornett

Timeless graffiti from the broad canvas.
Compiled by James Vescovi

In Memoriam: Bruce Ramsay
Scott and Joy Sawyer

Mars Hill Contributors